Before & After


  • I read a lot of books
  • I wrote equally as much
  • Piano was my voice
  • I was sad
  • I had more money
  • I had more ‘friends’
  • I was in a Relationship
  • I was goal oriented


  • Indecisive
  • Easily influenced
  • Aware
  • I hate men
  • Expect goodness in everyone
  • I have real  friends
  • Single
  • Anything goes
  • I listen to Taylor Swift and JB


Lessons Learnt

  1. its never that serious
  2. smile more
  3. believe in me
  4. gain more confidence
  5. Invest in Red outfits..they do wonders for my self confidence and so does the Vodka!! <LONG LIVE VODKA>
  6. Love exists only for lucky people
  7. The friends i have are the ones I need

The broken arrow will be mended



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