Funny How…

  1. even after all that I’ve proven to the parents, they still don’t trust me.
  2. funny how those closest to you have this way of letting you down the most
  3. The world doesn’t stop for your grief, same things when you die..
  4. How your dreams make you or break you
  5. you choose to let someone in, only for them to leave before you need them to
  6. you think you need change because someone else saw it fit
  7. family should be there most but they really aren’t
  8. the one I loved, grew out of love before I did
  9. I want this picture perfect life, but I’m still searching for the strength to pursue it
  10. funny how right now, I could just jump out the window and end this shit…but I won’t. I still believe not all is lost.

The Broken Arrow will be mended –



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