*Michelle Moto Moto Gulavic*

I feel so bleugh! like bad, I really feel depressed. First because a friend of mine died last week. She was my age, I remember when I met her, she was about to sit her exams, and I had just finished mine. She said that she had hope, and she liked chemistry. You have to respect people who like chemistry. That is shit I will never ever like.

So I am sad because I knew her a short while, and they say everything that happens is for a reason. Yeah, I guess her mum will never know why she had to go before her. This today is for her. I hope that one day Michelle, people will understand why you had to cross Waiyaki way that day, and that truck had to pass with you. You had all this amazing dreams, you had your university to go through, you had the wedding of your dreams in your head, you knew how your Mr. Right would look. The same dreams that every normal girl growing up has. I am afraid now, to dream, I don’t like to get disappointed…M sure wherever you are you are also asking why. We all are.. 😥

MotoMoto…I will never watch Madagascar without remembering you. You lived your life to the point that was necessary. Someone told me that people die because God takes the good people out of this world so he can protect them from bad things beyond their measure. .. . i’m crying right now because I feel like Life is so random!! And its not like stuff like this gives you a warning.

To your parents, I hope that one day they will understand, they will hold on to the memory of their little girl. And Love you forever. To your brother, he will remember his big sister as someone who always had his back, who loved him so much…to her friends, we are young we don’t know what to feel right now, because everyone is telling us that its normal, it happens. I hope that one day you understand. That I understand, that death is natural and it will happen to everyone. Hold onto her memory, she wouldn’t want us to cry so much about her, but just make sure that you realise that you appreciate those around you. She is watching over us.

Rest In Peace Love.


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7 responses to “*Michelle Moto Moto Gulavic*

  • amarieadhis

    Such a sad story. Just read the story in the Nation. Sorry for your loss. Such a bright girl!!!

  • Kikkie Gathungu

    You will be missed dearly Michelle Moto Moto Gulavic, you left a great mark in all of us!!!!!! May your great soul rest in peace and may God grant you eternal Rest!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie Gathungu

    Everything happens for a great reason and only Thee knows why you had to leave us so soon Michelle Moto Moto Gulavic!!!!
    Congrats for your outstanding performance in the K.C.S.E!!!! You did you parents and your Brother(s) including all of us who knew you very very proud!!!! You really were a smart girl with big dreams………
    May God grant you eternal rest nand may your soul rest in peace
    We will rrreally miss you!!!!!<3<3<3

  • Mike Matheka

    i couldnt believe it when i heard it. Michelle was an awesome girl. she was my deskie in class 8. she was smart and oh so beautiful. her personality was superb. even her handwriting was perfect. enyewe, may she rest in peace in heaven. i am sure she has a huge mansion up there.

  • Julie Gathungu

    Its just been a few months,, one year is maybe almost gone………….. But, whether an hour, days, months,years or even ages,, you are still that pretty, smart girl worth remembering and missing dearly….
    Every passing moment of fun 🙂 that is worth sharing with still happens some how..
    i really miss you micchy……

  • Emmanuel matiro

    Jeeeez i couldnt blive that it was really u in that section of the orbituaries in tha nation newspaper i was reading..wooow!!:-(..my former classmate i remeber soo much about u i even admit to have been ur secret admirer but a really good friend is w@ u really wer i am saddened by ur sudden depature nd trully lucky are those who got to spend the last days with u coz enyewe peeps lyk u aint a common occurence r.i.p dia u will trully b missed…AMEN!!

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