Another day in my life

Wow, I’m at work on a Saturday…..listening to my favourite radio station streaming all the way from Kenya. I really don’t have something specific to blog about today, as always. I realise that this isn’t one of those blogs that talk about one specific thing.

I’ve just recieved a call, some very disturbing news. One of my closest friends who I love like a sister, was in an accident yesterday. No wonder I was in such a crappy mood yesterday, we’ve been friends since we were Kids and I love her to bits..I swear if anything happens to her, I’ll just throw my self onto the highway. She always has my back, despite the busy schedules, she always finds time to talk to me. I wish that I wasn’t so far away from home, and so fucking far from the Day i’m supposed to get out of here. I’m so tired really…I can’t keep on getting calls about my friends in accidents..this is so fucking unfair….N its always the good ones that go!! Not the bitches you don’t need in your life.

I feel so helpless, like I was so upbeat earlier this week about finally having someone in my life to talk to about stuff that’s bothering me but like I said, I fuck things up always and this of course was no different. There’s already a rift, nobody will admit it but its there. I sincerely don’t know why I let myself get into such situations. Right now, I just want to go home and cry till 6 o’clock take a shower, dress up n put on a smile for the night because I have dinner plans which I can’t cancel.

Someone shoot me now. #thatisall


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