Its raining so hard, I overslept, not that I was late or anything but still, you know…There’s just something about walking in rain in the morning to work that just spoils your mood for the whole day. Things that don’t make this day any better…

  1. A disturbing email from my mum
  2. The ‘frenchie’
  3. My umbrella that decided to just misbehave in the middle of me crossing the road!
  4. How I slept through Valentines Day, because it hit me hard that I’m still alone as I ever was
  5. Thinking about my small sister, and her first day in Boarding school
  6. Mixed feelings about finally coming home
  7. I’m Broke
  8. I need to get out of the heated office into the cold city IN THE RAIN so that I can hand out flyers that people look at once and throw away, all in the name of 35hours a week!!

Dear Rain,

I love you so much most of the time, but today you are ruining everything. Go away, come again another day.


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