The 3Ls

I woke up in the morning with an allergic reaction and I took some medicine that made me sleep the whole day, meaning I had to skip work. I didn’t do anything with myself, no work, no english lesson – the student I was meant to meet went to the spa today and she sent me a text that she will go tomorrow and Friday too. I wish we could trade places.

I can’t wait to go home, the days are so few already. But something interesting happened today, I talked to my babe, technically we haven’t made it official or anything and I wish I could go stand outside on my rooftop terrace and shout till they hear me. I like that we’re taking things slow, and that we were friends before anything, and we understand each other. Nobody, knows what I really feel inside, when I’m hurting, when I’m happy – but I can talk about this things with this person.

And very few people know about us, its better to keep it that way because I’m superstitious like that. I don’t want people to jinx the relationship even before it ‘starts’. But I’m in a happy place. I won’t stop saying that. And its because of this new addition in my life. . . Today we were talking and this is what I said:

Life is so unpredictable and short, I can’t make myself suffer…Drake sums up everything I’m tryna say here: Everybody dies but not everybody lives…I don’t want to just exist, I want to live.

And I swear I’ve never felt so alive…doing things that you want to do, being with people that you want to be with, saying things that you want to say…why shouldn’t life be that simple?? It can be.



Life is too fucking short…#truestory



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