Human Beings…

I just want to say fuck all of you, let me live with the animals, but I won’t because, some of you are actually good people. Atleast they don’t make you believe in them, make you trust them and then bitch about you.

I feel very bad right now. Like my face is all hot, and my tears are like about to fall….and I have to stop it because I am here all alone, I want my mummy, she knows how to make me feel all better…

I don’t want to believe that I never had anyone, but I guess, we live and we learn. And that’s my problem…to me everyone is awesome, everyone means well…I guess all it took was this, to be my wake up call. Its never that serious…I can’t wait to go home.

How do people live with themselves?? I have no problem in bitching about people you don’t know, but it isn’t right bitching about people who you KNOW, and who you make to BELIEVE that they can TRUST you. I hope that when it’s time to say goodbye, I won’t spit in your face.

That’s all I have to say today.
And yes, the alcohol will come in handy tonight, I just want to be alone…I shouldn’t have been taught this life lesson on a Saturday night…Its SATURDAY NIGHT for christ sakes…fuck.

I’m trying so hard to stay in this happy place…the universe is conspiring against me.




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