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First Nairobi Post :)

Hello My good People,

It feels so good to be back in Nairobi, I’ve been MIA this past few days just relishing these first moments back home. It feels so awesome to be back. Believe it or not, I’ve not had all those planned lunches with my friends, because of many reasons I choose not to outline here. In short, I have received quite a few reactions from people that are close and those that aren’t.

Can we stop pointing out the fact that I have added weight?? Stop telling me. I look┬á at myself in the mirror everyday and I know…Its not helping when you point it out, if you aren’t handing me your discounted rates and memebership plans at a gym somewhere. Jiekee!! I don’t need to to be told that I’ve added one or two. And this is a lesson that I have learnt by the way, I will never judge people with ‘not flat’ stomachs cuz I am not in that category anymore. Anywho…I’m in my happy place still. I was so serious when I said I was getting rid of all the excess baggage…I refuse to take crap from anyone…I only take crap if you gave birth to me, or if I am completely and hopelessly in love with you…but that’s pushing it….so ofcourse people are saying i’ve changed, I’m a bit Bitchy blablabla…You seriously don’t expect meto be the same person I was..please, Get over yourself. Right now its me and my happiness….anything otherwise can go fly a kite. This is just life. Toss the stuff/people that don’t make you happy. Like the weight :p

Oh and on that note I’m starting on a diet plan. I woke up today and went jogging….sh!t felt too good. I acknowledge the fact that I need to go back to my normal size, and I’ve given myself 2months tops. It’s gonna be HARD!!

..Being a single girl was nice while it lasted ­čśë



I really need to post something today because I just need to, its been long, that’s all. I won’t give a smart answer.

This past weekend had me all over the place having those last moments with the people that mattered the most to me while I was here. And they all insisted that I cook something from home for them…I made Pilau and Chapati…I should have done something simpler you think….well, I don’t like Ugali that much so that one was out. I decided though to just risk it whether my efforts backfire or not, whether my rice ends up looking like ugali and my chapatis become pancakes…I was content with the fact that they don’t really know how they both taste so I was safe, and also the fact that this was a way of thanking them for the hospitality….I wanted to share with them a part of where I come from.

It was a bit sad really. Surprisingly that story has a happy ending, the food and everything…no tears! ­čÖé

Next week I will write down the lessons that I have learnt. Today I’m a bit sad. I had the last day at the office. I never thought that I would get attached let alone emotional about it….but I haven’t handed in the key yet. I think the most painful moment will be when I’m handing Max the key to the apartment…I’m sure I’ll weep even.

Today I have been listening to 3songs on rewind…*Mbiguni, Malikia* and Coming Home all by Sauti Sol off their Sol Filosofia Album.

Mbiguni I must say just touches the innermost parts of me….I don’t know if it’s a love song, but to me not really. Its just this song, when I listen to the words, I just want to cry. I relate to this song on all levels. I wish I heard this song like 6-8 months ago, a lot would have been different. Basically with this song, they are talking about heaven, this girl who is tired of her life, she looks to heaven, she wants to reach heaven – you can interpret this literally or figuratively.

I don’t know what made me think that coming to Italy would solve the problems that I had, it just put them on hold. I go back in a few days and face them. But the best part is I know what to do. I’m not blank, I have grown.

I’m a lucky girl. I’m grateful to God for my family, my friends, my good health, and for this far that he’s brought me. Unfortunately, I’ll say the truth that this past few months I think I can say I have talked to God for a total of 10hours, something that I’m not proud of at all….and somehow all my shitty situations worked out, and I always thought I will sort my shit out alone…but I’ve been thinking about it this past few days, and I can say that its been him…all the way it was only Him.

*Mbiguni – Heaven in Swahili

*Malikia – Queen in Swahili

And I meet my mum in a few days. I’m going to Finland, my friend sent me an email and told me its -15degrees…the fuck?? I almost cancelled my flight. But I’ve ┬áreally missed my mum. I am so excited to see her!! I wonder if she’ll ┬árecognise me, LOL, I kid. I know she will….that is making me smile so hard right now. I hope to take many pics, and I get to be in Prague too!!!…That’s my dream destination….its so fucking beautiful!! I have a stop over there for a few hours so I will take full advantage. I’m very excited.

A random pic for you all…I love Oxfords…!!

Kisses Everyone…Remember Live, Love, Laugh….there’s so much beauty in everything.