Monthly Archives: June 2011


Hello Hello…it’s been a while and then some, so much has happened in my life…I just never have time to update this blog in particular, I think it’s because most of the posts I have here are so S.A.D and E.M.O that I think I just want out, I don’t want to keep on thinking about the past, and to be honest anytime I think of posting here I feel this sadness coming, I don’t know why.

Anyways, home has been perfect; the love life was too, until a certain point in all relationships they call the end of the honeymoon and you have those long unexplained silences, the ones that last 48hours. The ones where you think THIS IS IT, IT’S OVER and then the next day you get a very cute text telling you that this or the other came up or better yet you were too tired, and I smile and say ok, it’s fine…then I tell myself that your  life daent have to revolve around mine.

In this few weeks too, I’ve been called SELFISH, I have changed, I’m a bit too bitchy and that I say things that hurt people… Personally, I will quote the proverb that says, “Every path has its puddle” …imagine from here it’s onwards…as long as I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Everybody evolves at their own time

I’m sorry if putting my happiness first affects you in any way (ok, not really, but oh well *shrugs*)…I had to learn to adapt to living with complete strangers, who don’t know where I come from, my background, who don’t really give a fuck really and I had to stand up for myself and get a voice of my own..I’m sorry that you just don’t get it….I love you anyways, and I hope one day we can move past this and when the time comes,I will be more open towards the CHANGES that are going on in your life

I like HOUSE music…for you that don’t get it…IDK what to say even…I still don’t like Kenyan music much…still the same old same old…JustABand, STL, Ma3 etc etc #thatisall

I’m a bit stressed about school too,they called me to the wrong campus, something about Cluster points being too low…I’ve even thought of changing my major to International Relations instead of Law…but then again, I’m those people who will never be content with that decision. So I’m still trying to talk to the guys at the Uni…wish me Luck!

I like my ‘independence’ nowadays, my parents let me make decisions, I enjoy what I do in my mums shop so much, and the perks are good too, I’m learning people skills, from dealing with my mums crazy workers, to irritating customers. Surprisingly, I really don’t mind so much that I have to be up by 5.30 everyday. One thing I don’t like is how I have to pay for everything nowadays, anything to do with me, I have to take care of…it’s painful but then again…atleast I get to learn early how to appreciate what I have and to BUDGET! and to value things…hadi lunch and my hair and fuel!! 😦

Then there’s the new friend I made courtesy of the Madam…how coincidental is it that my ex boyfriend and his ex girlfriend left us for each other….I think that the world is so small…anyway fuck them!! Lying to us behind our backs!! J is a pretty awesome person!!

All in all, so far, it’s ok. I wake up some days and want to go back to bed, others I can’t wait for the night to get finished. I love all the people in my life so much. Ofcourse when I remember I mention it.

I’m falling in love, ofcourse I’m fighting it…but this zing zing feelings don’t feel like they are going away anytime soon….but I promised myself I will not say those 3magic words first…

Have a good rest of the week