I hate July. July is the coldest month of the year, and everything always seems 10times worse than it is. According to me, that is.

My LoveLife, the one I was ecstatic about…I just don’t know anymore. I miss being the only person to be worried about, I’m not selfish, but I was doing me this year, right?? And then my ex, is resurfacing. How complicated can sh!t get….dang!

All wasn’t crappy this July thoughI have met some amazing people this July, Kemie, the girl I met and in a week I had told her almost everything about me….call it whatever you want, but I was drawn to her and we just connected. Too bad she’s so far away for school and the next time I get to see her is in December 😦 And I have really enjoyed some quality time with my best friends, we spend every weekend we spend together.

I’m looking forward to August because I get to meet my Italian friends, and go to Lamu on holiday…still thinking whether I should go as a single person or as a couple….yup, it’s some messed up shit….anyways, thats all I had for today…


Goodnight, and ps this Arrow feels like its breaking again :*


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