Monthly Archives: October 2011

This Monday was so different. Seriously.

Today I handed in a term paper that has stressed me the whole weekend. Then I had a CAT to read for too. That’s over and done with too. I’m liking my new friends so much, We get each other and i’m laughing always. That other group I started with wasn’t me. No regrets. Its never that serious. Went home with a new guy friend today, met him at a barbershop….he’s cute, he’s cool, i guess. We are planning for Rhino Charge for next year, he wants his car to paeticipate! He showed me where he practices.
And I want to get rid of almost all my songs on my mp3. They remind how love is for suckers who believe in Unicorns. How do two people stay together for so long?!?
I’m still at that stage where I feel like a centipede, touch me, I coil. I wonder how long that stage will last.
I have school 3days this week, a function with my bestfriend on Saturday. She’s helped through my ugly break up. I won’t go back if M wants me back. If she ever comes back. Last week was horrible. I’m picking up my photography again. And my music too. I miss the Piano.
My other blog, the fashion one died. The year is almost over! Lordie!!

I miss Italy so much especially Valeria! She showed me a good time and always said the right thing. I should surprise her one of this days and appear infront of her door in Aprilia.
my sister is sitting her exams….End of high school in less than a month. Her graduation gift is France for a year!! I wish her only the best! xo


Hi, I’m here!! I didn’t leave! :)

I don’t even remember the last time I took time to update this blog. I have so much going on. I started school. Not the school that I wanted to go since I was 9years old (I didn’t get the required grade :/) but I am happy-ish with it all, it’s working out pretty nicely. I am doing Law, I have been here long enough to