Christmas Day

Location: Nyansiongo, Kisii

Playlist: Liquid Deep’s Fabrics of the Heart

Time: 10.05pm

There’s something peaceful about being in Kisii this time. It’s never been my most enjoyable places to visit, but this past few days before coming here, I’ve just been yearning to get away from the hustle and bustle that is the city and just come to the land of green tea, rolling hills, fresh air…and the best part that is how close the stars seem, it’s like you can tip toe and touch them. I am at my grandparents’ house, they live on a big ranch, and I had missed them too. Thank God there’s electricity, so I can use my laptop and carry my music with me.

I have kind of isolated myself from everybody, I just wanted time alone to reflect, meditate…etc I appreciate alone time so much, sometimes I’m broody though, which is OK. Depressing, but it works for me.  I will start on my new year resolutions, maybe tonight or on my way back to the city. I have learnt a lot about me this year. A lot about other people.

Today was awesome though, spending time with the people that I love, people that love me back unconditionally. But we are a very religious family so alcohol is completely out of the equation. Which sucks because I had become such a drunkard. Not the brightest choices but you can’t blame me…..Love sucked for me. I remember writing that if my relationship with M crumbles, I am done with relationships. I have to go back to the drawing board where being with someone doesn’t equal my happiness. I don’t want heartbreak again. Never again.

Happy Holidays!! x



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