Monthly Archives: September 2012

life goes on

So am almost turning 21. So much has happened this year.
I’ve learnt so many lessons,made some new friends, lost some etc etc
I have no idea what to do for my 21st. I’m thinking a quiet get away for me myself and I. I don’t want anything over the top because I honestly don’t feel like being around people.
But there’s so much going on during that weekend. I really wish I had a significant other. The most previous one disappointed me so much, they’ve been other women in his life. I feel like the rebound chick. Never thought I’d be biting that end of the stick.
But then again,it is said that a lesson is taught over and over until you learn. Each time, the lesson is more painful.
Am jusy ay a weird place right now.
But don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the things I do have. Sometimes we dwell so much on the negatives, and the past that we forget to appreciate the present moment. Right now for example am sitted at a pizzeria…I like how I’m right in the middle of people but I’ve blocked all the noise out. And am looking out into the street and everyone is doing their own shit.
Life goes on. No matter what you think you’re facing; Life goes on.
Pick yourself up.

The broken arrow will be mended.