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8.42pm Sunday

Last night i was out out partying till 7am today. The plans for the night were to go with my best friend but she ended up not being able to come and I had to make do with the company that I had. We have been planning the weekend for such a long time, I was so ready for the night. Was ready to even tag M along but that plan also didn’t materialize. Still pretty pissed off about that.

Its complicated my life. Like I really need to stop them. It’s like I attract all the wrong things.

I just want to have fun for the rest of the year like yesterday…yesterday was fun.

My friend is asking if I am in love with M or it’s an obsession? Like what the fuck is the difference,you know? I don’t know if I should open another tab on my browser and Google the differences?

I have been sitting at home today just thinking, hydrating and reflecting. So many people made me passes at me in the club. I was so disgusted, scared, even thinking about it, like almost starting to entertain it and then I think about M….and I become so sad. Did I get cursed with endless years of suckie love? I even through those coins in the Fontana di Trevi to fall in love….Ha!

Fuck my life.