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I have less than a month left…The anticipation for going home is on a whole new level now because of many reasons as you can imagine. Only right now at the moment, I can’t think of even one. In other news, I had an interesting conversation last night, I know life’s challenges aren’t meant to be faced alone now…hahaha

Ok, pardon me for digressing.. (I used the BIG word again) Like seriously, I have less than a month left in Italy and I have this anticipation yes, but I don’t know what exactly, I am happy to leave and sad at the same time. I met a few amazing people who inspite of all this emo-ness I sometimes have going on, they actually see the good parts and they like me, so I’m really sad that I have to leave, Its sad too when I look at them and they don’t want to think that our time together is over. I’m used to this life now, but I think my time here is done..you know how the wise people say that there is a time for everything, well I think that my time here is done. And I’m happy that I met this amazing people,  and the times we had together. But its time to pack my suitcases and go home and figure out the next step…I’m so happy!!!!!

I hope its not the end though, like how you promise to talk to the BFFs you have in high school and its 2years later and you’ve only met once after promising that you will have weekly meetings and talk everyday..those are the same mistakes I don’t want to repeat now…I hate disappointments.  So I will be casual about the goodbyes, I have to be, but my tears always have this way of showing up no matter how awesome or shitty the situation is…so i know I will cry…that aspect of me hasn’t changed.


But I’m in a happy place 🙂

ps: I  miss You babe…I’m coming home!! :)*