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First Nairobi Post :)

Hello My good People,

It feels so good to be back in Nairobi, I’ve been MIA this past few days just relishing these first moments back home. It feels so awesome to be back. Believe it or not, I’ve not had all those planned lunches with my friends, because of many reasons I choose not to outline here. In short, I have received quite a few reactions from people that are close and those that aren’t.

Can we stop pointing out the fact that I have added weight?? Stop telling me. I look  at myself in the mirror everyday and I know…Its not helping when you point it out, if you aren’t handing me your discounted rates and memebership plans at a gym somewhere. Jiekee!! I don’t need to to be told that I’ve added one or two. And this is a lesson that I have learnt by the way, I will never judge people with ‘not flat’ stomachs cuz I am not in that category anymore. Anywho…I’m in my happy place still. I was so serious when I said I was getting rid of all the excess baggage…I refuse to take crap from anyone…I only take crap if you gave birth to me, or if I am completely and hopelessly in love with you…but that’s pushing it….so ofcourse people are saying i’ve changed, I’m a bit Bitchy blablabla…You seriously don’t expect meto be the same person I was..please, Get over yourself. Right now its me and my happiness….anything otherwise can go fly a kite. This is just life. Toss the stuff/people that don’t make you happy. Like the weight :p

Oh and on that note I’m starting on a diet plan. I woke up today and went jogging….sh!t felt too good. I acknowledge the fact that I need to go back to my normal size, and I’ve given myself 2months tops. It’s gonna be HARD!!

..Being a single girl was nice while it lasted 😉