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**Random things on my mind tonight**

Piazza di Spagna, Roma, Italy.

Piazza Di Spagna....a view from the Spanish Steps

On my mind right now:

  1. Sun
  2. Smirnoff Black Ice (Its not sold this side of the worLd..the fuck!)
  3. My italian ┬álesson that didn’t happen
  4. My mum
  5. How cute my nails look in purple nail polish
  6. How cute Basket Mouth (the comedian) is… ­čÖé
  7. I have to add something here because the list can’t end at 6 because its an unlucky number
  8. Shopping in Rome one day at the┬áCouture Boutiques at the Piazza Di Spagna…<<bliss>>
  9. I think I need to start my diet, as in 4real.
  10. I need to be more optimistic about things
  11. Haha…Taylor Swift + Vodka = Ke$ha…..Dead!

The broken arrow will be mended