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Fashion Junkiiee!!

Two things that I’m passionate about are writing and fashion…and photography and music. I registered a new blog: www.fashionjunkiee.wordpress.com this blog will be solely to do with Fashion, and I’m very excited to launch it… J

I hope you like it…this just goes to say that nothing is impossible. On that note, something random is happening in my life!! I’m a fashion designer. I sincerely never knew I had it in me. Check out www.kashamagazine.com at the Fashion and Style section. We were lucky to be featured in this online magazine and I’m ecstatic that they loved the pieces!! Of course mum is too, and I’m so happy that she’s finally getting the recognition she needs. She’s a creative genius!! They even borrowed some pieces from the line Madoido (we promise to come up with a better name for the next time) We have received a lot of feedback from people which is very encouraging and I am just shocked, of course!! And I used my sisters and my friends as models for the shoot, and I’m so happy that they brought out the outfits so beautifully. Thank You guys so much…Kisses!!

Yes, I’m working with my mum, but until I start Law school and things start to make sense, I have to do this, plus its something that I’m passionate about to say the least. I hope that many people feel that way and continue to support us. Already we are designing clothes, my second OMG moment is that today we designed a dress for a young lady who saw the Madoido collection and she is a presenter at an awards ceremony in New York City. I wish she could put me in her suitcase. I digress. And her co-presenters are Don Cheadle and Giselle Bundchen!!!!! SQUEEEAAAALLLL!!! I’m starstruck because they’ll be in their Gucci and their Marc Jacobs outfits and she’ll be wearing a dress made by Keri Fashions!!          

Find Keri Fashions on Facebook and like our page so that you can get information on discounted rates on our clothing and accessories and also on give aways. I will be doing those on my fashion blog too so stay tuned!! We are also on twitter @kerifashions                                          

It’s all very inspiring. So my message today is to say that you have to believe in yourself, prove yourself and others wrong…you can do anything, really!! Look at me!! How random is all this design shiznit?? And I’m sorry that I’ve not updated the Broken Arrow in a while. There just never seems to be time nowadays!

And tomorrow is my babe’s birthday…I’ve never been this blank…thinking up ideas for the perfect gift…Someone kill me now!! I’m so screwed

 😛 Stay fabulous my lovelies…x


Friday Morning…

I’m sitting in bed, its around 1pm, i had a late night yesterday, not partying, working. \


Sometimes I get so frustrated because I feel like when I leave Italy, I will go back the same person I was. I don’t want that…at all. Like i will feel like I wasted 6months here just increasing my waistline with the pasta, the wine and the pizza…It was supposed to be  a journey, like Liz from Eat Pray Love…I sincerely wish that I’d watched that movie before I came. Instead I watched When in Rome and Letters to Juliet, because, let me admit it I was in Love with the Idea of LOVE….throwing a coin over your shoulder in the Fontana di Trevi (which i did 2 weeks ago BTW) and falling in love :p Fuck Love.

And my inner confusion, with myself….I am in a constant tug of war with myself nowadays, I want to join the lifestyle because I think that is what I need at this moment in time. Somebody who is just like me, somebody who understands my feelings, reading Autostraddle helps, but somehow at the back of my mind, I feel like this isn’t me. And that’s what stops me from telling the object of my affection that I’m falling in Like…not Love (It doesn’t exist in my dictionary)because I don’t want them to feel like my science experiment..and that is what I feel it will be in the end…

I can’t wait to live in New York, where nobody gives a fuck about you, and you can just exist without people looking at you like you have a problem. I can already see myself in my Burberry Coat and Louboutins in Times Square eating a bagel….that is my dream destination before I’m 30.

And right now I can say that I don’t really care much anymore….stop sending me shopping lists and you people don’t even check up on me….yes..this is to my DEAR DEAR friends….fuck that by the way…i think it sucks!! We are all busy but we have to make time for each other…I’m not asking you to come visit me…I guess this is what they mean when they see people come and go!! Peace out