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i’m fucking suffocating. Not literally, that’s hw I feel! There’s this song I love so much right now. Its called Time and it’s by Chase and Status featuring Delilah. I like it,.and I got it only yesterday. I am in love. That is the only logical explanation as to why I have let my pride reach the lowest levels ever. It’s fucking crazy. Why can’t my life go back to how it was in May? So perfect.
I had sworn that this last few days of the year, I will make awesome because I cant be sad 80percent of 2011. That just isn’t right.
I have exams coming up next week, I have had so much going on this past few weeks, I dont know if its too early or to late to say I don’t think i’m prepared.
Fuck my life! Can one thing just go as planned? My heart is breaking, my head is cracking….i feel like my system is shutting down. I wanna be in the first quarter of my class…thats the best part. Av gotta Work!
I need a holiday.
I need M.
I need a bottle of Rosè
and Nneka’s music!
The Broken Arrow will be mended