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I feel, I need a change.
I feel like you’ll all HAVE TO miss me when I’m gone.
A new culture, lots of pasta, a new reason to love??
Who knows?
All the shit av done this year,
All to prove that I can belong,
I think i realised to late that I would never belong.
And its sad that all i had to do was purpose to change.

So all of you good for nothing fucks,
who have made me like this,
I’m glad I met you,
I’m glad you taught me,
that I shouldn’t expect too much from people.
I trust to easily, I’m too freaking loyal,
You guys were my world
I would do anything for you.
I don’t think i did anything wrong, seriously i don’t.
So, i don’t see why you should treat me like this…

Fuck You All.

Funny how, after posting this, i’ll be calling you,

Fuck me too i guess 🙂