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Stop Ruining Lives.

when u decide to be ok with situations like being in a commitment free relationship where both parties are of mutual consent, I tend to wonder how some people are raised and what exactly drives someone to fuck a married man. You might try and justify yourself by saying that there’s the financial twist to it, and what you are parting with is just your thighs…and everybody knows how sex has become so kawaida (normal) nowadays, u dont see why i’m even bothering to write this post at 11.17 on a Wednesday night, plus its breaking the dry spells that ths blog is regularly accustomed to. I digress.
When you decide to go into this sort of symbiotic relationship, you are being selfish, and this today is for these excuses for women who ruin so many lives!! We all know men have this carnal instinct for women…they cant resist a nice looking woman with a cute tushie n wateva else it is they think about when they mentally undress a woman. For us women on the other hand, God gave us this gift where we control our inner animal and actually think about why we will sleep with X, why this top should be worn with that skirt and not that jewellery…case point is we as women are wired to think through situations, go through the details etc etc
When you are fucking a married man, he has a wife, kids, a job. When he doesn’t show up for his wedding anniversary because he’s busy spooning in ur bed with you….or when his 13year old son wakes up one morning and finds his bed covered in Wet drean residue (idk what it is in words O.o) and he has nobody to tell him that its all part of being a man…Mum is there yes, but she wouldn’t understand because Mum doesnt look like him, daddy does and daddy didn’t come home last night…he isn’t in bed with mummy either 😦 I try and imagine what goes through this little boys mind.
I’m taking this very seriously because I know quite a number of people who are ok with this. I’m so disappointed!
You women who are actually into married men and their money….I condemn you to eternal doom in hell …. HIV or syphillis even. Me by the way, that pain a family goes thru…I woud never wish that on anyone. Imagine it was your own dad doing that to your mum and you kids, or better yet, your bestfriend is having hot steamy sex with your father.
Please just stop.
That is all. The world can be a better place….Just change..