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I vented so much in this post!!

One moment I’m so happy, the other completely pissed off.

My sister is a very selfish person, and she always gets away with everything. Last night I got so mad, so fucking mad at her because of comments she was making about how tired she is….and she was in the house the whole day, I was at work. My mum needed help to label some things she’s supposed to sell in her shop and my dear sister had gone to sleep. When she finally agreed to help, she wasn’t pulling her weight and anything I was telling her she was ignoring. It all started on Sunday when I went for a concert that she didn’t want to go for earlier in the week. Or the stupid comments she makes when it comes to designing some clothes for my mums shop. She feels like she’s the artist, the only one with the artistic eye and that she’s the only one that can do it. She annoys me so much, and then she told my mum its unfair that I get to buy fabric to make the dresses I had wanted, she hasa refused to help me completely. I’m so done btw.

Me and my mum have the same phones, so we also have the same chargers. I forgot mine at a sleep over at my cousins house and yesterday I carried hers and forgot it in her shop. Around 11.40pm she asks for it and I tell her I’m sorry that I forgot it in her shop. And then she shouted at me for I don’t know how long. It was an honest mistake!!! Seriously, that shouting was too much. Then she goes to her room and comes back a few minutes later and apologizes.

Sometimes I don’t want to live with anybody, I feel like my life is so full of shit, I wish I could just start over. Everything in my life sucks. It’s not PMS, I just want to start with a clean slate next year. The only thing I believe that binds me to my so called family is money. I don’t have a source of income, I have to rely on my dear parents.

FuCk my life, I need a drink and its 7.30am.